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Adult & Kids Dance Classes

in Walnut, CA

At Lead & Follow Dance School, we specialize in the art of partner dancing by offering a variety of adult and kids dance classes in Walnut, CA. Our school has world-renowned instructors who will teach you any dance you want to learn! Try crazy Swing, Classic Ballroom, Latin, and sultry Salsa! When you take either adult or kids dance classes at Lead & Follow, you will not only have fun but also learn new styles and make lots of friends. You won’t need special dance skills or a partner to take your first steps!

Types of dances we teach:

  • Salsa
  • Ballroom
  • Latin
  • Swing
  • Ballet

Photo of adult & kids dance classes in Walnut, CA

Group Classes

We offer adult and kids dance classes in Walnut, CA, in a group setting, which is a perfect way to start your dance experience. Try out a different style and have fun while learning Salsa, Swing, Tango, and more. Don’t be intimidated; everyone is welcome! We provide options for wherever your skill level is. Review our schedule for a variety of beginner or advanced dance classes. A great way to start is to choose between the following dance styles: American, International, and Social Dance. Want to introduce your children to the beauty and joy of dancing? Bring them to one of our kid's dance classes in Walnut, CA, to get them started today!

Group dance styles you can choose:

  • American Style
  • International Style
  • Social Dance

Private Lessons

If you desire the most in-depth and personal approach to learning, then private lessons would be ideal. You will be assigned a professional instructor, who will design a unique plan for you. With private dance classes in Walnut, CA, you can perfect dance in your own way. And, if you are getting married, let us help make your wedding dance more memorable by attending our wedding dance classes.

Lead & Follow Dance School offers private dance lessons in Walnut, CA that include:

  • A highly experienced Private Instructor
  • A personalized plan tailored to your goals
  • One on One in-depth lessons

Special Events

Special events are always happening at our dance school, and include dance nights, themed parties, and workshops. One of the top reasons that people learn to dance with us is our welcoming environment. Even dancers who are normally shy feel comfortable letting themselves go. In this positive environment, truly celebrate dance and express yourself creatively and artistically.

Some of our special events include:

  • Themed parties
  • Workshops
  • Dance nights

Online Classes

If you are unable to attend in-person dance lessons in Walnut, CA, you can attend classes online. Keep dancing and having fun from any place you choose.

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