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Join our American Style Ballroom dance lessons in Walnut, CA to maintain your health, your poise, and your vitality. At Lead & Follow Dance School, we offer classes in both categories of American Style: Smooth and Rhythm.

As you learn and perfect the very popular American Smooth dances, you will enjoy a soft, energetic, and spectacular experience all at once; this style is the perfect blend of Foxtrot and Waltz. American Smooth dances are similar to the International Standard dances with one notable difference: the American Waltz does not require dancing in the closed position. Sign up and learn one of our specialties in our ballroom dance classes in Walnut, CA. 

We describe American Rhythm as joyful, passionate, and provocative types of dance. Experience shows Rhythm is a magical style that gives dancers of all levels a large repertoire of steps. American Rhythm dances such as Cha Cha and American Rumba are similar to the International Style Latin versions. We also teach Bolero, Mambo, Swing, and Merengue American Rhythm in our ballroom dance lessons in Walnut, CA. Bolero shares similarities in footwork timing and many other figures to Rumba. Mambo is a vivacious dance that will fill you with wonder. Swing dance consists of East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing. East Coast Swing is typically the faster of the two and involves a lot more flips!

When you learn American rhythm at one of our ballroom dance classes in Walnut, CA you can’t help but radiate confidence and happiness!

American Style Categories:

  • Smooth – Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango.
  • Rhythm – Cha Cha, Bolero, American Rumba, Mambo, Swing and Merengue.



Mariya Oblakova & Alexsandr Riabtcev

– Finalists of UK Open Championships 2022 in amateur rising stars ballroom
– Bronze medalists of the Russian Amateur Ballroom Championship (RDU, 2020)
– World (2018) and European (2019) Amateur champions in 10 dances (WDC);
– Winners of the UK Open Amateur Championship in 10 dances (2019);
– Finalists of the Blackpool Dance Festival in Amateurs, rising stars Ballroom (2019);

Denis Kutepov

Russian International Ballroom Champion, Blackpool, and World semifinalist in both amateur and professional categories.

Denis is the leader, teacher, and the heart of the Lead&Follow dance school. Tango, foxtrot, Viennese waltz, and quickstep — this is all him.

Aleksey Seredin

International Ballroom and Latin teacher.

– Finalist of Russian Championship in Professional
– Finalist in Professional of World Championship of Show
– Finalist in Professional of World Cup
– Semifinals in Professional of World Championship

Ekaterina Khoreva & Aleksei Chebotar

– Winners of National Champions under 21
– Silver medalists of German Open Championship
– Winners and finalists of many international competitions (Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Nederland, Bulgaria, Slovenia etc)

  • Drop in $20
  • 10 classes $170
  • 20 classes $300 exp 3 mo
Wedding package $550
  • -6 private lessons
  • -unlimited group classes for 1 month

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