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Ballet seems like an unearthly magic… Spectacular decoration, lush and airy ballet tutus, charming music and mesmerizing dances that resemble the flight of angels. It conquers at first sight.

We have classes for children and adults.


Pre-Ballet is an engaging introduction to ballet land for students aged 3-5. Students simply follow and move while teachers guide them through the basic ideas of stretch, reach, bend, jump, turn, twist, and leap. Students learn to follow the leader, take turns, and perform independently (Free Dance). Our goal is to always make students smile, help them enjoy exercising their body, and to introduce them to the skills they will begin learning as they advance to level 1.

Ballet 1

Ballet 1 is a no experience necessary introductory ballet class for children aged 5-8. The students learn the basic positions of the body and the alignment necessary for intermediate and advanced ballet technique. Teachers guide students to work on their coordination, flexibility, and athleticism/strength. Ballet 1 introduces the basic barre exercises. Our goals are to inspire them to feel proud of what they are accomplishing with their bodies and confident in their knowledge of the fundamentals. Recommended attendance 1-2 days a week

Dress Code: Pink leotard, pink footed tights, pink ballet shoes
Please no ballet skirts or tutus

Ballet 2

Ballet 2 is the level where students are groomed for pointe work. This class is ideal for students aged 8-12 who have spent at least 1 full year developing in ballet 1. Ballet 2 students are expected to work at the barre for at least half of their class. They build on fundamental technique and progress to more elaborate ballet steps. Our goals are to ensure they are ready to begin pointe work as their body reaches maturity. Recommended attendance 3-4 days a week.

Dress Code: Baby blue leotard, pink footed tights, pink ballet shoes
Please no ballet skirts or tutus

Adult Ballet

Adult ballet is a beginning/intermediate level traditional ballet class. We focus on helping students progress at the pace they are comfortable with. Come as you are!

Dress code: Recommended ballet leotard, tights and ballet slippers, although any comfortable clothing that stretches easily is acceptable. Students may wear warm up clothing over ballet clothing.

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Danielle San Paolo

Danielle began her ballet training at age 7. After graduating high school, she revived her love for ballet while working as a performing artist in a missions organization in Kona, Hawaii. She later continued her ballet training with Ballet Magnificat in Jackson, MS and then Light of the World Ballet in Syracuse, NY. Returning from New York, Danielle began school at Riverside Community College. Danielle received her B.A. in World Arts and Cultures with a concentration in choreography and dance in June of 2012.

  • Drop in $20
  • 10 classes $170
  • 20 classes $300 exp 3 mo
Practice Parties
  • Drop in $20
  • 10 classes $135
  • 20 classes $240 exp 3 mo
Unlimited groups and practice
  • per person $250/mo
  • per couple or family member $400/mo
on-line classes
  • one class $15
Wedding package $550
  • -6 private lessons
  • -unlimited group classes for 1 month

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