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Milonga Lead & Follow Autumn Melancholy / Golden Age
Milonga Lead & Follow Autumn Melancholy / Golden Age
Dance Classes

As the leaves fall gently to the ground, and the golden hues of autumn paint the world in melancholic beauty, we extend a heartfelt invitation to you for an enchanting evening – the Milonga Autumn Melancholy / Golden Age just dance social.

Join us, as we waltz into the bygone era, a simpler time, where the art of tango found its roots and the echoes of tradition still resonate. Here, you will find no rush, no fuss, only the gentle embrace of like-minded souls who yearn for the authenticity of traditional tandas.

TDJ Marina is an absolute heart melter will please every passion Milongueros/as with the best golden age tandas.
As well, we are going to have NeoTango Room for all our Alternative dancers with DJ Michael.

Pre-Milonga Class with Chris & Marina
TDJ Marina – Traditional Room
Neo DJ – Michael McCarrell – Neotango Room
Yolanda Rossi – with the NEW Collection of Tango Shoes

At the party you will find:

  • Fun and friendly environment
  • Professional Real Wood Dance Floor
  • Plenty of convenient seating, including comfortable sofas
  • Cozy atmosphere with professional muted lighting
  • Snacks, Fruits and Vegetables for your convenience and energy
  • Strong AC System
  • Free parking

Dress Code: Dress to impress.
Safety: Please No lifts, drops and aerials during the Milonga.

Schedule: 07:00PM-08:00PM – Pre-Milonga Class.
Please arrive 15 minutes before the class.
08:00PM-12:00AM – Milonga.

$20 Class only
$25 Milonga only
$40 Class and Milonga
$40 Couples Milonga Special

RESERVATIONS: Please RSVP FACEBOOK messenger to Marina Vinokur, Text/SMS to (615)-556-8578