Social Dancing

Social Dancing is the perfect cardio that combines balance, flexibility, sense of rhythm, and excellent coordination. Enjoy your quick travel to Buenos Aires with ARGENTINE TANGO or let BACHATA and HUSTLE fill your life with energy and passion.

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International Style

International Ballroom is a special sport. It involves emotions, flexibility, elegance, and an urge for perfection. You’re welcome to dance a passionate tango and a romantic waltz with us.

If your heart starts beating faster to the Latin rhythms, try International Latin and get to know such styles as Cha-Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, and Jive.

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American Style

AMERICAN SMOOTH is one of the most popular ballroom styles in the US as well as in Europe. It’s a mix of Waltz and Foxtrot. American Smooth is spectacular and vibrant, dynamic, and soft at the same time.

AMERICAN RHYTHM is a joyful and provocative Cha-Cha-Cha, a passionate and sensitive Rumba, an energetic East Coast Swing, a fast Mambo, and an elegant Bolero.

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Teachers for kids dance classes near Diamond Bar, CA
Kids Dance

Welcome to our Kid’s Dance Classes! We are so excited to teach your children the joy of dance! We have a fantastic Ballet Program and a super fun Ballroom Dance Program for kids 5 years and older.

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Private Lessons

Private classes offer the most in-depth and individual approach to your learning. Your PERSONAL TRAINER will help you set and achieve goals and will develop a personalized plan for each of your classes. Make your UNIQUE WAY through the ballroom! Getting married? We’ll help you make your WEDDING dance something to remember.

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Wedding Dance

You’ve chosen your music now it’s time to learn your very special dance. Your first dance as husband and wife.
A couple that is confident, composed and somewhat at ease when they dance together will ensure that their very first dance together will be a memory they will cherish forever.

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